5 WTF songs to listen to during a Half Marathon (and some bangers)

I think running is a good excuse to just go and listen to music for a few hours. All the other benefits are incidental.

It also turned out to be a good excuse to finally pay up for a music streaming service and not rely on decades old 64kbps .wma files for my mobile listening enjoyment. So I also ended up listening to a wider range of music too… for better and for worse…

Including embarrassing stuff that suddenly sounds amazing when you are knackered, sweating and miserable. You’ll take any old quasi-inspirational “Yeah you can do it!” motivation where you can find it. Here are 5 of the weirdest/lamest songs I would never listen to normally but sound great when you’re half dead.

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Essays on Dyslexia / SpLDs in University

I recently completed the ADSHE Level 5 course on supporting learners in FE/HE with Dyslexia/SpLDs and have been working more and more in this area over the last few years. So I thought I would just collect the essays I wrote for this course, as well as a few other publications here.

"255/365: Dyslexia" by by Janine is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
“255/365: Dyslexia” by by Janine is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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DIY Survey panels / Polls with Amazon Mturk

Polls! (huh) What are they good for? Hopefully something, say it again.

What would you ask a national poll if you could? Could you afford to commission one?

This is something that’s come up a number of times in talks around audiences – how do we ask the people who AREN’T attending? How do we ask people from outside of city X what they think about city X? Would it be interesting to see what they thought before and after some big event? And so on.

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Schrödinger’s evaluation

(Part 1 of 2)

For the last year or so I have participated in the RSA Cultural Evidence champions network. I was particularly interested in joining off the back of work I had done evaluating a theatre in libraries project that you can read more about here if you like. (or here).  If you aren’t particularly interested in education, I think the broader arguments about evaluation in the cultural sector will still be of interest. What? You don’t like evaluation either? I am shocked! Well, not that shocked.

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Festivals fuel bills

Festivals and interesting contradictions go hand in hand, in fact, this may be critical to their fundamental appeal. One of their most compelling contradictions, for me, has been the endless dilemma between their undeniable environmental impact and the effect of the ‘green-tinted glasses’ through which it often seems tempting to view them.

Rock N Heim Camping – pixabay

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