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I worked in Jessops (camera shop, good times mostly) and the pressure was always on to sell Extended Warranties with every piece of gear. Most people are rightly suspicious of extra insurance and the salesperson only has about 10 seconds towards the end of the sale to try and flog that too. It got to the point where the best way to sell the insurance was to basically say: “Look, pay £30 now, then when it gets to the end of the 3 year period, just throw it down the stairs and we’ll give you a new one: probably even an upgraded version by that point.”

If I’ve got to point out the flaws in your business model to be able to sell your financial product, then how on earth do they make any money? Simple, I bet most of us just forget about it, and I can’t honestly say I ever remember any particular customers taking my advice when it came to it. The insurance companies only win if we don’t check the details! It’s not like you’ll be investigated for fraud over a 3 or 4 hundred quid camera, of course you’ll just get a new one! Please note, I do not CONDONE insurance fraund, but in this situation I HEARTILY ENCOURAGE IT.

So while I was bored at work I thought I’d come up with a comic strip about a camera shop on a space station, and this is the only strip I ever actually made, but I did write a couple.

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