Hockerton Housing Project

Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) is a self-sufficient co-housing development. The earth-sheltered homes are built with high thermal mass and high levels of insulation to eliminate the need for heating systems. Residents of the five houses generate their own clean energy to meet their remaining energy needs. They also grow most of their own food, harvest their own water and recycle waste materials.

copyright hockertonhousingproject

What’s not to love? Okay, you have to live in Nottingham(shire)… (tongue firmly in cheek)

Plenty of videos up on Youtube to whet your appetite.

Loads of info on their website and latest developments in the blog.

Would you like to see/build/live in one of these in Leicestershire? Don’t forget to subscribe for email updates. I suspect we will probably get a group visit together sometime to go and speak to this bunch.

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