Living In The Future

The story of this project is the story of Ecovillage Pioneers – an obsession with community and low impact living that began in Gower, Wales, traveled to Australia, Spain, Scotland and Ireland and returned full circle (or spiral) to where it began.

pic from Living in the Future Vimeo channel

A video series about Ecovillages – community and low impact living. We explore people creating sustainable lives across the World. We show the people growing their own food, building their own homes and learning to be self sufficient in preparation for peak oil and climate change.

A whole 46 episode series (plenty of free snippets online), plus a feature length documentary (that was shown at Greenlight 2013)

Rich’s Five Point-Five Second Review:

1. 46 episodes! Better get started then…  (actually, some of them aren’t that long)

2. Rural Wales is a nice place, but how could it work in / near a more urban environment?

3. Tinkers Bubble = No fossil fuels. It is telling, as to how impossible that sounds!

4. “Policy 52”, Pembrokeshire County Council – worth investigating

5. Some wider media coverage, (Ep. 46) hopefully represents a wider support for ‘this sort of thing’

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