Loose ends, 19/5/13

For all the bits we can’t fit elsewhere, here’s a quick round up of links and ideas from around the web.


“Soldering is easy!” Free downloadable comic book teaches you the basics of soldering, and it’s also been translated into 17 languages! (link)

“Welcome to Toytown” What is life like in new-build Britain? John Harris speaks to the residents of a ‘exurbs’, or new villages (Hamilton in Leicester springs to mind) in this interesting article, taking in architecture, planning and of course the social capital that makes it all work, or not.  (link)

“Never buy celery again” Grow new celery from the base of an old one. I don’t know about you, but my celery bills are through the roof, so this tip is very welcome.  (link)

“The Looper” is a 40m2 air conditioned resort villa with en suite bathroom that harvests rainwater, produces and stores solar energy and treats its own waste water. Also it looks like some landed spacecraft from the future. (link)

Have you got any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Get in touch!

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