Backwoods Home magazine (US)

A little something different now, with Backwoods Home magazine from across the pond in America: “Practical ideas for self-reliant living.”


There are tons of articles available online (as the name suggests) with practical information, guides and ideas for all aspects of sustainable living.

Be warned, to our softer European sensibilities some may consider this a very American take on sustainable living; there is a strong frontier-living and libertarian slant throughout, including articles on firearms, stocking up and surviving the apocalypse!

Some good pieces include:

the people who built a new home from the tornado-wreck of their old house

making adobe bricks and roof tiles

build a simple forge for melting down and reusing scrap metal.

Would you be interested in a backwoods home? Who doesn’t want their own forge every now and again? Don’t forget to subscribe for email updates.

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