Findhorn Ecovillage

The Findhorn Foundation is a Scottish charitable trust registered in 1972, formed by the spiritual community at the Findhorn Ecovillage, one of the largest intentional communities in Britain.  It has been home to thousands of residents from more than 40 countries. The Foundation runs various educational programmes for the Findhorn community; it also houses about 40 community businesses such as the Findhorn Press and an alternative medicine centre.


Thanks to Wikipedia for that introduction. As you might already be able to tell, Findhorn has a strong spiritual focus behind it, which isn’t really what we are here to discuss and has lead to a fair degree of controversy!

However, it is hard to deny they have still achieved a great deal in terms of low impact development, being one of the oldest and most commonly referred to examples of a working ‘ecovillage’. If you are interested in visiting, there are a range of options from day visits to the 7 day ‘experience week’.

Here is their website, which also features plenty of videos here.

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