Redfield community

Redfield is an Intentional Community situated in North Buckinghamshire, England. The house is a large old mansion with 17 acres of gardens, woodland and pasture surrounded by farmland. Our legal structure is that of a Fully Mutual Housing Co-operative, where members are effectively both Landlord and Tenant. The legal structure merely forms the bare bones of a culture of collective living that has developed since 1978.

nabbed from redfield site

And continuing in their own words…

There is nothing spectacular about the story of Redfield House. Its evolution from farm … to Victorian country house… to use by the armed forces… to welfare state institution… is replicated in hundreds of cases throughout Britain.

What is perhaps less common is its use now – as the home of an intentional community of 20 adults and their children. Early members of the community became aware that a strong relationship had existed in the past between “The House” and the local townspeople; and that with the closure of the County Welfare Home this relationship had been abruptly terminated.

Redfield have a range of options for visits, both short and long, and an extensive history of the people and place.

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