Planning and development news – June 2013

A quick round up of some recent developments taking place across the city and county.

image from UK Genealogy archives

Leicester city – Ashton Green

Not much has been heard on this project for a while…

“The Council is now seeking a major developer/infrastructure provider to work in a long term collaborative partnership to prepare a detailed delivery strategy for a housing led mixed use sustainable urban extension of up to 3,000 new homes and to design and commence the  delivery of a significant first phase of development by 2013.”


“It is anticipated that the chosen development partner will make a start on the first phase of infrastructure on site in late 2013 with new homes to follow there after.”

Blaby – Lubbesthorpe

“Permission for a major new housing development in Lubbesthorpe is set to be granted. Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has decided not to ‘call in’ an application for some 4,250 homes, employment, schools and other uses on land to the west of the M1, Lubbesthorpe.”


The local plan (2006-2028) can be viewed here giving information on a target of nearly 10,000 new houses over this time. The development newsletter (latest December 2012) has information on a succesfully proposed £35m solar power plant which should power around 7,000 homes.


The local plan: “In order to meet future housing needs, an additional 7700 dwellings are planned in the District during the period 2006-2028. Of this, Market Harborough will accommodate an additional 3300 dwellings together with additional employment land.” A draft master plan can be downloaded here. (Hilarious typo on the website, what is a ‘startegic development area’?)

Hinckley and Bosworth Barwell

The Barwell Sustainable Urban Extension was approved by councillors in April 2013 and includes some 2500 new homes, industrial areas, sports pitches and assorted infrastructure.


From the ‘Overall strategy’ of the Melton local plan

“The strategy concentrates new housing development in and around Melton Mowbray with a major proposal in the form of a new village at the former Melton Mowbray Airfield. This proposal includes a southern and western by-pass to the town. It is anticipated that the new village will comprise about 1,200 dwellings on a site of approximately 62 hectares (153 acres) including land for up to 200 “social” housing units and additional land for supporting community infrastructure.”
The proposed Asfordby Wind Farm has been a source of ongoing debate, though it looks like a decision will  be made soon. It would consist of 9x 125 meter high turbines, producing nearly 19 megawatts; however local group ‘STOP’ have claimed for some residents the effects would be oppressive, dominant and inescapable.
North West Leicestershire
Around 6,000 new houses are planned up to 2031. This document outlines the ‘broad locations’, with the majority (4,000) in Coalville. The accessibility statement in this document is also quite interesting, with distances to things like health centres, primary schools etc written up.
The council have also been dealing with the HS2 application:
“The second stage of High Speed 2 (HS2) from Birmingham to Leeds passes through North West Leicestershire.  The Council is of the view that the proposed route for the track within the District will have a significant negative impact on our businesses and our prospects for economic growth.  It will also remove two major employment sites and two major hotels in our District.”
Oadby and Wigston
From the Core Strategy Document “Allocate land for the development of a minimum of 1,800 new dwellings (90 dwellings per annum) between 2006 and 2026”
The Town Centre Masterplans for both towns also lay out some interesting policies, balancing the mix of retail usage (too many takeaways not looked upon favourably!), the general style of shopfronts…
Phew! Have we missed anything? Well, I’m not claiming to be an expert, but this should help get you up to speed on major plans.
That’s all we have time for now, but don’t forget to subscribe if you want to hear more.

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