Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Dancing Rabbit is an ecovillage and intentional community of about 70 people set amid the hills and prairies of rural northeastern Missouri.

I know they do everything ‘bigger’ in America, but wow: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is located on 280 acres of beautiful Missouri rolling hills, purchased by our land trust in 1997….They are eventually aiming for a population of 500-1000.


They really are quite a well organised and established bunch, by the sounds of things:

The manifestation of Dancing Rabbit’s vision, covenants, and sustainability guidelines happens both in DR policy decisions and choices we make in our daily lives. It can be seen in our diets, food preparation, building design, construction, electricity production, energy use, water use and treatment, transportation, space heating, and more.

Their website is pretty extensive with lots of inspiring ideas and practical information (one part of which we will discuss in the next blog post)

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