£2000 cob house

Say hello to… GOBCOBATRON

photo: www.small-scale.net
photo: http://www.small-scale.net

In this very detailed entry, Recipe for Building a Cob House, you can learn what it took to build my cob house for about $3000. (about £2000) You’ll also learn exactly how much cob I made (all by foot!), and specific amounts of material that went into the construction.

Thanks to Brian Lilolia aka Ziggy of the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage for his detailed blog on the topic of designing, building and living in a cob house. I thoroughly reccomend you have a good browse of every nook and cranny of it. He calls it, ‘The Year of Mud’.

He has since moved on to start work on STRAWTRON (a timber frame/strawbale construction) and we wish him the best for this and any other crazy named constructions in the future.

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