Homebuilding & Renovation magazine

Homebuilding.co.uk is the UK’s number one website (and magazine) for anyone interested in creating their dream home through self-build, renovation or conversion.

Logo from H&R magazine

It draws upon a vast archive of knowledge in the form of articles published over two decades in Homebuilding & Renovating magazine, and serves as the leading source of houseplans, advice and design guides, including a fully searchable completed projects section.

H&R is perhaps the best known ‘consumer-level’ building magazine in the UK, along with the associated trade-show-esque events up and down the country. Plenty of inspiration, glossy photos and up to date commentary on planning law in the UK.

A great section of ‘Q&As’ where you can submit questions to be answered by experts and other members of the community (pretty active). And some more general topics like: Avoiding complaints from neighbours and How fast can you build a house?

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