Low impact living initiative (LILI)

LILI was founded in 2001 by two members of Redfield Community and is “a network of great people to help you change your life and the world for the better”

A top web resource for sustainable building. They proudly boast 170 articles on topics from bikes, blacksmithing, open-source, green funerals… well, a hell of a lot of stuff!

nabbed from lili website

My particular favourite from their site:

4. how do we change the system?

By starting to talk about ideas for a new system. Banks and corporations, and the people within them are not evil, they’re just responding to a system that forces the economy to either grow or fall into recession; and forces people, organisations and countries to compete with each other for profits and rescources or to be unemployed, bankrupt or defeated in war. We have to unite, and come up with a better system than this. We have some ideas, and we’d like to hear yours.


Fairly active discussion forums over here

Are you interested in Low impact living over here in Leicestershire? Don’t forget to subscribe.

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