Big site update!

Firstly, thanks to all our visitors and subscribers/followers (about 50 of you now, hello!)

Just made two big changes to the site:

1. Snazzy new theme – Much more visual, and now you can just keep scrolling through every post (still works on mobiles, as far as I have tested). What do you think about it?

2. Two new permanent info pages –Materials and methods” page with a big glossary of terms and “Planning” page with links to national and local sources of planning information. Go and check them out!

Just so you know, my approach to keeing the general posts going is to draft and build up a good backlog of them, before setting them all to automatically post once or twice a week without having to do any more work on them. This seems to be the most convienient way for me to squeeze it in around other work and sideprojects. However, this does mean things will be quiet for a while until I’ve got the next batch ready to go. I’ve got 35 draft posts sitting here waiting for my attention – better not keep them waiting!

We are still nosing around a number of very exciting, nearby, real-world building projects for us to get involved in. Progress is slow and I don’t think the Summer break has helped here. (Although it has helped my tomatoes greatly) Rest assured you will hear more about these in due course! (the buildings that is, not the tomatoes).

Hope to see you somewhere with a shovel sometime soon (try saying that after a few beers)


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