Loose ends special: Let me AXE you a question…

Back from our brief break with a special post about the humble axe. One of (if not the) oldest hand tool known to mankind.

But… only with modern technology can we make lavishly produced videos on the internet about them, and dribble over the (occasionally preposterously expensive) but beautifully handcrafted gorgeousness of them.

Let’s get started. Settle in with a cuppa, fire up the videos and dream about setting off into the woods.

Still image from The birth of a tool, John Neeman
Still image from The birth of a tool, John Neeman

The “Birth Of A Tool” Axe Making by John Neeman (Latvia).
I honestly thought this was a music video to start off with. Preposterously well produced.

Best Made co (USA):
Another beautifully teeth grindingly fashionable video, but good historical and design points.


Ray Mears explains the differences and key uses of the three most popular Axes – the Scandinavian Axe, Small Forest Axe and Wildlife Hatchet Axe. (made by Gransfors Bruks)

You know those great orange-handled scissors your mum always told you to be careful with? They were probably made by Fiskars (Finland), and yes, they have a rather futuristic looking axe (and machete) range too.

Get yourself a free axe book from Gransfors Bruks

Thinking about setting off into the wilderness? Well, if you happen settle anywhere near a Wifi hotspot, don’t forget to subscribe for email updates. (or ask a passing crow)

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