Fergus the forager

We all know food comes with a cost (often in every sense of the word) but did you really know how much was just there for the taking?

“Fergus Drennan is a wild food experimentalist and educator. He runs regular full day total immersion foraging courses for the general public and privately, he has written regularly on wild food and foraging for many national magazines and publications.”

image fergustheforager.co.uk
image fergustheforager.co.uk


What is a “forage” anyway?

Time to visit one of my favourite websites, the Online Etymology Dictionary (the history of words).
Forage: early 14c. (late 13c. as Anglo-Latin foragium), from Old French forrage “fodder, foraging, pillaging, looting”

Fergus has a shed-load of recipes and advice for budding foragers; even for that much loathed Japanese Knotweed. Maybe you can eat it clear of your garden? More organic than using weedkiller I guess, if a little bit *snigger* harder to swallow! (ladies and gentlemen, I’m here all week)

You can even go on one of his courses or buy his book if you’d like to know more.

Check out his website here.

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