Ecological Land Co-operative

“We believe that the creation of sustainable rural livelihoods is one of the best solutions to our most pressing environmental and social problems…The Ecological Land Co-operative has been set up to buy land that has been, or is at risk of being, intensively managed and lease it to people that have the skills to manage it ecologically and would not otherwise be able to afford do so.”


They have recently got their first planning permissions off the ground (for three affordable smallholdings), and for the benefit of the likes of us, they’ve done a really good job of documenting the nitty gritty details of the process. Read on for more…

Around four different co-operatives and groups were involved in the early discussions in 2005, leading to research and feasibility studies, launching as a company in 2007 and becoming a co-op in 2009. Their membership includes informal supporters,  investors, workers and stewards; all with differing obligations.

An excellent range of articles on topics from education, legal structures, allotments, economics of smallholdings and agroforestry are available from them here. Also a useful collection of planning related decision notices from similar smallholding projects across the country here. Hopefully much more to come, including annual economic, social and environmental reports from their new smallholdings.

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