Loose ends 22/09/13

Welcome to Loose ends, and get ready to visit some amazing places!

image - boredpanda.com
image – boredpanda.com

22 unbelieveable places that are hard to believe really exist

The Soleta zero-energy home, ready to go offgrid for 25,000 Euro

Now you can have this list of 15 Beautiful off-grid homes or this list of 21 Amazing off-grid homes
(but why not do both and see 36 beautifully amazing off-grid homes?)

And finally some humour:

Fury as allotment fans discover vegetables can be bought in shops
36-year-old allotment tenant Stephen Malley said: “I’ve been busting my hump here trying to grow some potatoes and it’s a nightmare. Can’t believe I could have gone to a shop and bought a sackful of the things for a few quid.”

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