Hill holt wood

Is woodland just nice scenery, or can it be something more?

Hill Holt Wood is many things. It is a woodland – open to the public every day. It is a business – a social enterprise with charitable status. It is a concept – a way of working with the local community to create a better environment, provide employment and reach out to those in need.”

image - hillholtwood.com
image – hillholtwood.com

All of this happens on roughly 30 acres of woodland in Lincolnshire.

The woodland was purchased in 1995 by a couple with a vision, with the growing help and support from the surrounding community, HHW eventually became an independant organisation in 2002. It has been recognised by various experts as a good case study for rural diversification, particularly, it seems in the way the community has become involved, supported and advocated for the project.

This once neglected bit of woodland now provides: health and therapy, recognised education for children and adults, conferences and events, design, architecture and forestry services.

Click here to see the write up of a KTP project (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) with HHW that focused on the design and construction skills for environmentally sound buildings.

Click here to see a quick write up by socialenterprises.org.uk, with a focus on their business turnover (around half a million pounds) and jobs created (around 20 employees)

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