Loose ends 5/12/13

What does this look like when it’s finished? (Hint: you can live in it) Find out inside our loose ends round up of interesting snippets from around the web:

© Jens Markus Lindhe
Image – © Jens Markus Lindhe

It looks like this swanky modern house built in China which also has a green roof, solar panels and is insulated out the nose (technical term)

For something more compact, the aptly named, Swedish, 15 square meter minihouse may be more your style

Finally, we all know a bad workman blames their tools so you could keep your pocket knife clean sharp and safe with this walkthrough guide, sort your gardening tools out, or read this immensely detailed guide on buying ‘The Best Pen’ (and we’re talking biros here, not talking hundred pound fountain pens!)

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