30 links for the holidays!

Hope you are all rested up and ready to relax for the holidays, LESSBIG will be hibernating for a brief spell but until then we leave you with this monster list of 30 good links to keep your sustainable and self-built housing whistle wet. It’ll keep you busy until February! We hope 2014 is a good year for you all!

image - ppandorasbox.blogspot.co.uk
image – ppandorasbox.blogspot.co.uk

Read on…

Farm Hack, ‘an open source community for resilient agriculture’ working on all kinds of high and low tech tools and automated systems for small farms and smallholders (link)

Government removes community infrastructure levy from certain small build groups (link)

Action Homeless in Leicester brought a four bedroom empty property back into use (link)

Stumbled across this presumably abandonded idea to rejuvinate Leicesters Waterside (link)

The Write A House residency programme in Detroit, offers writers an (essentially) free house in Detroit in exchange for them carrying out some basic renovations (link)

Gardenbot open source garden monitoring system for automated tracking of moisture, temperature and light levels. (link)

Tiny House Swoon blog offers some great pictures of modern and traditional small houses (link)

Rents rise twice as much as earnings with comment from Shelter. Average rent in the UK now at £753 per month. (link)

22 Remote places in Britain to escape from humanity (link)

A ‘rogue archivist’, Carl Malamud set up a Kickstarter to make thousands of public safety codes such as building and installation regulations, freely available online. The funding sadly failed, but their work continues. (link)

Rural Studio, an undergraduate programme at Auburn University, now 20 years old, has worked on a number of affordable homes such as the ‘$20k House project’. Lovely photos and gallery. (link)

The ‘SOAK urban bathouse’ plans to convert shipping containers into saunas and hot tubs, but not in an ‘exclusive private spa’ type of way. (link)

Leicester City Councils Climate Change: Programme of Action was released in November (link)

5 ways to ease the housing shortage (link)

Affordable housing supply plummets 26% in one year (link)

Shared ownership could help plug the housing gap (link)

The Mountain Bothies Association is a charity that looks after around 100 shelters that are available for anyone to use (link)

Kevin Kelly on a short video history of ‘makers ‘ from the Whole Earth Catalog to Cool Tools (link)

‘Meat the future’ cookbook, a creative take on possible food cultures of the future, was funded on Indiegogo (link)

Soylent: What happened when I stopped eating for two weeks (link)

This Creative Re-Use centre has been running for over 30 years and is a great model for similar projects (link)

Buy now, regret later? The secret of BrightHouse’s success (link)

Bushcraft expert Ray Mears, “I was trying to put right the damage done by Rambo. Everyone thought of this word ‘survival’ as aggressive, militaristic and rather stupid if you ask me.” (link)

Six years ago, we wrote about the impact of the housing boom on one street in Hackney. Now, as prices soar, we return to see the effect on those who buy, and those who can’t. (link)

The Theatres Trust have 48 buildings registered ‘at risk’, here is a gallery of the 10 that were added in 2013 (link)

Factcheck: Are 400,000 homes with planning permission lying unbuilt? (link)

Searching for scrap metal is more fun than the jobcentre. “I feel more safe doing scrap than waiting for the Jobcetntre or the government to pay me.” (link)

Free Acres, a social experiment in New Jersey, began in 1910 with 75 acres of woodland and now about 85 households. (link)

Boffins Unveil World’s Smuggest House (link)

Maker Jimmy DiResta’s top 5 videos (link)

This clip from Charlie Brooker’s ‘How TV Ruined your Life’ has a painfully funny, yet tragic dig at Grand Designs, “Check out my audacious cardboard hexahedron.” (link)


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