National Refurbishment Centre

The National Refurbishment Centre is supporting the practical delivery of green refurbishment and retrofit, based on evidence from a network of exemplar buildings.

image: national refurbishmentcentre
image: national refurbishment centre

The centre is industry funded and industry focused (see a huge list of partners here) but there is much to be learned here for the average layman too. Read on…

Yes, despite the obvious thrill of looking at new builds, it has to be said there is probably a more valuable job to be done in improving the nations existing building stock. Not just this, but also things like Post Occupancy Surveys that monitor the real-world use of such improvements. After all, it’s great to have a new efficient boiler, but what if you end up having twice as many baths as a result?

Their ‘Refurbishing the Nation’ report from 2012 still makes for interesting reading, with stats about the age and efficiency of the housing stock, and what are likely to be the most cost and carbon effective interventions.

I would be interested to hear what they have to say about recent news suggesting actual take up of government sponsored Green Deal initiatives has been depressingly low. Presumably the centre and it’s members would be among those best positioned to profit from something like this, so I wonder why it flopped so badly?

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