Tinkers Bubble

Tinkers Bubble in Somerset is, perhaps, one of the most famous eco-settlements in the UK, established in 1994. What happens when a small group of people decide to live on 40 acres of woodland with strictly no use of fossil fuels?

image: diggers and dreamers
image: diggers and dreamers

Well for one thing, they don’t have a website (shock horror!), but they’ve popped up all over the place:

Here, in a Newsnight section on the 2001 elections (inexplicably followed up by a section of Brass Eye?)

The Living in the Future video series covers them in Episode 3

A quick summary on Wikipedia

Good ol’ George Monbiot wrote quite a bit about them here.

An infosheet hosted by The Forestry Commission

Profile / Information on Diggers and Dreamers

Simon Fairlie, founding member and ex-co-editor of the Ecologist wrote an interesting letter to a Lib-Dem councillor who resigned over the decision to allow Tinker’s Bubble temporary planning permission.

The short version? Well, technically I don’t think they have ‘permanent’ planning permission to live on the area which might cause some wrinkles, but given the general ethos, I don’t think anyone is exactly planning to ‘sell up’ anytime soon. As always, it’s encouraging to see people struggle through the planning and environmental health systems, even when the odds are against you, just a shame it has to be such a struggle in the first place.

Good luck to all of you in the Bubble. Not that you’ll be likely to read this any time soon.

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