Plotwatch: Humberstone, LE4

LESSBIG has been in touch with the owner of this plot on Fairfax Road, Leicester, who is looking to do something with the property and plot.


They are particularly keen on a community or self-build approach with environmental credentials and are prepared to negotiate more preferable terms on this basis. In their own words: “If we’d only wanted to cash in on it, we would have sold it off years ago.” More info after the break:

The plot is approximately 9m x 36m. The current property is a little long in the tooth and may be better to be torn down with something else in its place. Looking at others in the area, it may be possible for two semis to be build on this plot.

From the photo is is hard to tell but it is not actually a semi detached; the neighbouring property looks as though it is attached but there is actually a small gap between them.

The backstory is that the property was at one time used (without permission) as a commercial garage; note the very wide side access. This also greatly overlooked the neighboring properties. The current owner successfully appealed against this development and when the opportunity arose was able to purchase the property to prevent this from happening again.

As the owners are not interested in a purely commercial arrangement, this is not on the open market or listed anywhere else. If you have a pitch or some ideas, send it to and I’ll see what I can do.

Some more pictures:

Another view from the front.
Out of the back window from the upper floor. The plot extends to the end of the neighbouring wall on the left. The garage building was at the bottom of the plot- there is still a large concrete slab there.

We’d love to connect more plot/property owners with prospective self-builders and small scale developers, so if you know of any similar, drop us a line.

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