Loose ends, 30/5/14

Ciao, e benvenuto a un’altra edizione di “sciolto fine”!

image: aamterranuova.it
image: aamterranuova.it

Che cos’è questo? Valle Degli Elfi?
(normal service will be resumed after the break…)

Or, in English, ‘The Valley of The Elves’ in Italy, somewhere between Florence and Pisa. There are numerous small-scale communities and smallholdings in the area, I understand. Photographer Ellie Pritts took some rather nice photos on her trip, see them here. A big list of other Italian ecovillages can be seen here from Tempo di Vivere and here at Terra Nuova

Something else? Hows about 5 advanced ancient buildings that shouldn’t exist

Empty houses in the UK? Empty houses in Europe! 11 million of them estimated recently. Sad. That’s apparantly enough to house every homeless person…. TWICE.

Some more ‘£1 houses’ got snapped up in Stoke on Trent. Well, it’s £1 for the key and £30,000 for the renovations but surely a decent idea nonetheless.



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