Appropedia: It’s like Wikipedia but for Appropriate Technology (short version)


The long version is after the jump! Read on…

“Appropedia began in April of 2006. In the earliest stages it was a collaboration between passionate people from the United States and Australia, and quickly expanded to become a global project.”

In the last few years Appropedia has ‘absorbed’ a number of other web-based, often wiki-based sustainability projects along the way to pretty much become the definitive resource of it’s type. It is currently active and growing by the general measure of such things which is great, considering the number of dead websites and forums out there.

The great thing with most of the pages and resources here is that they are well documented. For instance, I browsed far and wide to find ideas and tips for building the earth oven, but Appropedia had several very well written up projects to look to. The Blue Ox oven in particular was the one I referred to the most. Loads of detail and two updates about the project at 3 and 6 years further down the line.

This section on natural paint has a huge amount of detail and also revisits the project 6 years later to see how different recipes have held up.

I think Wikipedia and many other wikis have the option to export a selected range of pages and articles as a nicely formatted .pdf for printing, but it seems especially useful here!

Well worth a browse. Don’t forget to subscribe for more.

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