Tires, worms, rammed earth, apples…

A mix of things from further experiments at Saffron Acres:

Some things we baked in the earth oven – apple pastry, a gently melted camembert with fruit and nuts stuck in for good measure, and a classic baked apple. The apples were from the site. Keep your eyes peeled for another bakin’ day. We did some bread and mini pizzas too.

It might be hard to make out, but that’s a short stretch of half-buried old car tyre border.


Is it possible to cut a tyre in half using only hand tools? Yes, just about. A decent hacksaw and some tin snips/shears did the job. The rubber is fine, it’s the metal mesh that’s a pain.


After some paint – voila – it’s a worm! (His name is Michel – after Michelin tyres – *groan*)
The various tread patterns really lend themselves to different colours.
More rammed earth experimenting. Can’t seem to get it to join to the foundation. Overall it seems to be proportionately harder to work on a smaller scale with this stuff – you still have to compact it but it’s hard not to wobble the frame around every now and then while you do it.


They’ve even withstood a bit of nasty weather recently too so once I sort out the base and make them a bit larger these will look really interesting.

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2 thoughts on “Tires, worms, rammed earth, apples…

  1. I understand that you have a big allotment site together with land that you are hoping to build eco houses on. I have 3 hedgehogs that I brought in at the beginning of winter as they were small but will need to be released March/April depending on weather. I don’t wish to release them here as they have built the Earl Shilton bypass very close to us and now houses on the only patch of floodplain left and ripped out the ancient hedgerow. 5 hedgehogs were killed in 1 week on our road back when they were looking for hibernation sites. I was wondering if I could bring them to you for release as I am sure your allotment holders would welcome slug munchers!


    1. Hi Liz thanks for getting in touch. Based on my non-expert understanding, I think the allotments could probably be as good a site as any to release the hedgehogs – a bit of organic slug control! I will get in touch with the Saffron Acres bunch and see what we can do but as you mentioned, it’s best to hold onto them until the chance of frost has passed. This site has some good info on when to release over-wintered hogs (maybe you have already seen it) :
      Feel free to email me direct:

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