Happy holidays

In this post we assemble a delightful flat pack house for the holidays.

Source your flatpack house from a reputable supplier (in this case, IKEA). Ensure you have enough space on a level site and check all the items.

Ensure your foundation is stable and of sufficient size. In this case we used a single ceramic slab.
Slowly add water to your cement (in this case, icing sugar) until an appropriately stiff paste is made.
You may need to transfer the cement to an appropriate vessel for use. Are you wearing a hard hat?
Using a size 2 nozzle on your IIA device (Industrial Icing Applicator) apply evenly along the first panel.
Raising the first walls and bind. You may need additional laborers for this section. Check they have CSCS Cards (Cake Self-Certification Scheme)


With the first two ends secure the structure is now freestanding but is still open to the elements.


The roof pitch is a fairly steep 12/12 to help shed heavy snowfalls


Working at height is dangerous, especially in high winds.

The chimney is a mid pitch style (notice the “V”)
The prefabricated roof needs additional tar to ensure weatherproofing and airtightness.
The ‘Smart-IES’ (Integrated Electronic System) photovoltaic units being delivered. It’s important to separate them by polarity (this can be determined by the colour of the outer shell)
The final building.


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