Here’s a fun fact: There are more ‘people-living-in-caves’ today, (maybe 40 million) than there were  in ‘caveman times’ (say, 1 million in 70,000 BC)


image: Meier&Poehlmann CC

So what is “Yaodong”? It translates to ‘house-cave’, and many residents are pretty happy with these earth-insulated, often off-grid dwellings. Read more here (LA Times) and here (Travel China Guide). A very quick weekend post here from LESSBIG! See you again soon.

Local Self Build Register

The Local Self Build Register is ‘hot off the press’ (or whatever the internet equivalent of that is)


If you are at all interested in self-building whether for your own needs or for those of family, friends, society at large, I thoroughly encourage you to spend 5 minutes registering with them. They are using this information to help gauge demand and connect individuals and groups to local councils, to keep pushing self building up the agenda.

The register is being run by Ecomotive, a sustainable buildings social enterprise and co-op (who were also involved in setting up the National Custom and Self Build Association) and as far as I can tell is supported (at least informally) by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

We don’t really do campaigning here, but DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT NOW! CLICK HERE