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This blog was initiated by Kelly Hart and Dr. Owen Geiger as an adjunct to their websites, and, in an effort to bring the concept of earthbag building to the broadest possible audience. It is offered with an attitude of good will toward all of those who might employ the ideas and further this very sustainable approach to building.

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“People & Money” Discussion, 3rd December from 6.30pm

* Post-event write up now added to this post *

Our local branch of the ‘Postive Money’ campaign group are arranging an open event in Leicester, at the Friends Meeting House, 16 Queens Road Leicester.


“A gathering of people to discuss questions and issues about ‘Money as a currency and main driver of the economy’ as well as to share with imagination and inspiration, solutions and ideas for change.”

We all know housing is likely to be one of our largest investments over our lifetimes, so we should at least be fully aware of the financial burden we’re putting ourselves into, not to mention what this could mean for the rest of society.

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Building4change is an online knowledge hub, dedicated to sustainability issues in the built environment.

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Our objective is to help people address the many challenges surrounding sustainable development. Our mission is to advance knowledge, innovation and communication through website and newsletter content that is informative, thoughtful, authoritative and trustworthy.

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Help To Buy : WTF?

(That stands for ‘What The Flip‘, BTW…)

We don’t usually try and be particularly topical on this blog; mainly due to a lack of time in general, compounded by the difficulty of following stories as they develop, but I’m sure by now you have spotted various stories about one of the four government-backed home ownership schemes – of which Help to Buy is the one picking up the most headlines at the moment.


Is it any good for me? Any good for wider society, the economy or the environment? Well, we can only scratch the surface of some of these deep seated housing market and land rights issues here, and have a good look at what various other sources are saying about it. Read on…

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