Lomography: love, love/hate, then just hate

But Rich! You always struck me as a ‘new-age-fun-with-a-vintage-feel’ kind of guy! Didn’t you work in a camera shop? Haven’t you got like at least four cameras, some of which could be termed ‘quirky’ or ‘retro’? Isn’t one of them a camera from the company: Lomographic Society?

Gear lust

Yes to all of the above. (Except the first one) I blame working in a camera shop, and innate nerdiness for developing a relatively short lived period of gear lust. Photography being one of the areas I think is quite easy to develop (ha) gear lust in, especially when it comes to vintage (ie: expensive, old and often more trouble than they are worth) cameras. So many features, so many numbers, so many brands, makes, models, ranges… so much obtuse nerdy tech history tied up with obtuse art-nerdy history.

Copied from http://www.nick-t.com/blog/2010/10/hasselblad-photokina-part-one/

How could anything you do with a camera THIS fancy, NOT be art?

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