Two complete houses built in an afternoon! (for insects, sorry)


Yes, two multi-storey deluxe houses built by one person in one shed in one day! (sort of)

Have an old fence post lying around? Don’t buy a bug house when you can build one yourself. The one on the left has some bamboo running through it. I used a size 7 drill bit which seems about right for a ladybird as well as a size 20 flat wood drill bit for the larger holes. They do need a roof of some sort and the holes should ideally slant upwards to also help stay dry. The main wood itself should be left unpainted/treated.

A rainy day project if ever there was one. Get it done now in time for the cold weather when bugs will really need it.

Loose ends special: Let me AXE you a question…

Back from our brief break with a special post about the humble axe. One of (if not the) oldest hand tool known to mankind.

But… only with modern technology can we make lavishly produced videos on the internet about them, and dribble over the (occasionally preposterously expensive) but beautifully handcrafted gorgeousness of them.

Let’s get started. Settle in with a cuppa, fire up the videos and dream about setting off into the woods.

Still image from The birth of a tool, John Neeman
Still image from The birth of a tool, John Neeman

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