Here’s a fun fact: There are more ‘people-living-in-caves’ today, (maybe 40 million) than there were  in ‘caveman times’ (say, 1 million in 70,000 BC)

image: Meier&Poehlmann CC

So what is “Yaodong”? It translates to ‘house-cave’, and many residents are pretty happy with these earth-insulated, often off-grid dwellings. Read more here (LA Times) and here (Travel China Guide). A very quick weekend post here from LESSBIG! See you again soon.

Glorious Mud! (Write up)

LESSBIG attended 1 day of a 2 day course, run by The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) in Slawston, Leicestershire on the 30th of April. There were a number of very informative talks and some hands-on repairs of an earth walled stable block.

Adults go off for a tea break –  kids swarm in for some muddy fun

Read on for lots more pics and notes:

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