Existential tech support

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“Are you sure this domain exists?”

Pffft, well, let’s get the coffee on and discuss this bad boy.

Of course I’m not bloody sure! I like technology but it could all be pipes and magic at times. “Let me see, I was trying to reach a domain in East Kroftonova, maybe I’ll ring up the embassy and ask if they are having any trouble with their internet pipes.”

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh…..Reboot. Refresh. Give up, go to bed. Problem solved.

Simulations – Baudrillard

Simulations – Jean Baudrillard

Nothing like some hot French postmodern (or post structural?) philosophy to kick things off. It would make me appear erudite and complex, if I then didn’t go on to reveal how bloody hard it was to read and (probably) how little of it I really understood. Gotta try though.

Also, taking selected chunks out of one important thinkers’ works, in isolation, and trying to get the whole meaning over is a little naughty of me: suffice to say if you want the full story on Baudrillard you won’t find it here (try the tell-all celebrity autobiography “Baudrillard: Mad, bad and French to know” hitting shelves this Christmas)

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