Value for money: Jubilee or Mugabe’s birthday?

Royalists wont hesitate to slam Mugabe for taking public money and giving himself a million pound birthday bash but I couldn’t help but wonder, isn’t this argument a bit like our own British queen’s jubilee? Apologies in advance for linking to the Daily Mail, but the contradiction is amusing. They cannot help but gush about the royals most of the time: Here’s a classic double whammy: “Health & Safety has gone mad and it’s stopping us celebrate our glorious subjugation”

Those arguments aside, I wonder which one is more costly to it’s respective taxpayers and economies?

The short version is that Mugabe’s birthday could be proportionately (taking into account population and the relative sizes of economies) 13 times LESS expensive. Say what you want about human rights, as a dictator, at least the man is good value for money. The long version then….

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