Container village in Syria appeal – Al-Imdaad Foundation

I saw a billboard near Frog Island here in Leicester, advertising this appeal from the Al-Imdaad Foundation:

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It may be one thing for you or I to consider building a slightly ‘wacky’ container house, but  fast, flexible and cheap building methods are well suited to crises. UN estimates suggests that the crisis in Syria has resulted in around 4.5 million refugees fleeing their homes to live in numerous refugee camps away from the main cities and along or over the borders with Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. To put that in perspective, you could imagine 15 times the entire population of Leicester suddenly being made homeless – for as long as two years to date, and who knows how much longer.

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has plans for a containerised village accomodating 500 people, with a kitchen, washing/toilet block and a masjid (mosque). Read on for more details…

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