An Irish Vernacular house (in 25k Euro and 50 days)

This project belongs to the vernacular tradition. In this tradition, the knowledge of how to construct a house is held in common by a community. On this website you can download information and inspiration to help you to design and build your own house much like the one in the photo which cost a total of €25,000 to construct. It took me a total of 50 days to build, which I did over two years with the help of friends, family, neighbours and a few specialists…

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Walter Segal

Walter Segal (1907 – 1985) was an architect who developed a system of self-build housing. The Segal self-build method is based on traditional timber frame methods modified to use standard materials available today. It eliminates the need for wet trades such as bricklaying and plastering resulting in a light-weight method which can be built with minimal experience and are ecologically sound.


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